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I am that I am

I am the oceans contained within the basins of the continents, I am the clouds which hover over the equator of the planet, driven by the rotation of the earth, driving water vapour from the oceans into the skies southward … Continue reading

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Truth is universal

Truth is universal. It applies beyond time and space and distance. Truth resides in the laws of change, cycles, and consequences, karma, and attraction. Those who resist these laws by refusing truth will still face the outcomes and consequences of … Continue reading

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The gift of love

People are attracted to love like smaller objects are attracted to larger ones with greater mass. This is the law of gravity and attraction. People who radiate love are considered like magnets in that people are attracted to those who … Continue reading

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So many to reach

so many friends- to reach and touch- with love and peace. Trapped by time unable to communicate with all simultaneously through telepathy- to share thoughts, emotions, and desires. Come and purify in the fire of my solar radiance- let distraction … Continue reading

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Hurting others in relationship

When people hurt us, unintentionally, it comes from a sense of insecurity, frustration, and expectation or regret that your behaviour was, according to their perception, inadequate. We need to not attach to the other’s emotional state, release them, and forgive … Continue reading

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The three facets of courage

the three faces of courage- people wonder where cowardice comes from? Why some people are courageous and others are not? The answer lies in the truth that courage has three faces, that it lives in three locations, and that it … Continue reading

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Understanding chakras and energy distribution

I offer thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui, Mahaguruji Mei Ling, Lord Padmasambhava, and all the Great ones for their direction in sharing these teachings. This article is intended for those who have some rudimentary knowledge of the energy body … Continue reading

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