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The Wisdom of emptiness and detachment

Many people think that joy or happiness comes in things. We go shopping for someone’s birthday to show our love and affection and we buy them something. We attach significance to belongings, to our houses, cars, properties and things which … Continue reading

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Meaning of life

Words describing passion- attachment –expression of cravings and yearning and desire- Words like: contact, attention, intention, elements of co-arising of intensity of feelings; Meeting of loneliness and emptiness, thinking that fullness implies losing identity; Delusion meeting excitement , pleasure-filled deceptions … Continue reading

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The purpose of mental illness

Eckhart Tolle asked about the purpose of mental illness made me reflect on the nature of consciousness, of each human being a part of the ‘one’ universal consciousness or conscience or cosmic awareness. And how each being relates to the … Continue reading

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Embracing or surrendering suffering?

one cannot have a universe that matters unless there exists an emptiness in which to place it. to be free I must be detached from the suffering and attach myself to the energy of the Masters and of the universal … Continue reading

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The gift of love

People are attracted to love like smaller objects are attracted to larger ones with greater mass. This is the law of gravity and attraction. People who radiate love are considered like magnets in that people are attracted to those who … Continue reading

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So many to reach

so many friends- to reach and touch- with love and peace. Trapped by time unable to communicate with all simultaneously through telepathy- to share thoughts, emotions, and desires. Come and purify in the fire of my solar radiance- let distraction … Continue reading

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Reality perception and vibration frequency

many people look at what they observe and perceive this to be real. Most people believe their perceptions as being accurate and beyond reproach. This provides security and reduces emotional fear and mental doubt. Without this sense of safety and … Continue reading

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