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Morning meditation on the action of waves

Like a blanket over Mother Earth she is contained and contains, when the waves are still and are at rest they are one as ocean and contain all that is, when the waves are active they clean the air and … Continue reading

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Jihad and Ebola- comparisons

Ebola- the result of infected fruit bats eaten by rats infecting society with their feces and body fluids- infecting houses, its occupants, clothing, and bedding. Buddhists say it’s ok to kill bats and rats, mosquitoes and flies because they spread … Continue reading

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The major question of the 21st century: Is God alive and is there a Divine Plan?

The main problem facing humanity is the question of division of belief about the existence or non-existence of a ‘God’ and of whether there exists a Divine Plan or Intelligent Design. The intent of this article/blog is not to convert … Continue reading

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Ken Wilber’s hierarchy of consciousness- examined

Each person is born operating at the lowest level of consciousness (Instinctual). As they age and mature, their consciousness gradually evolves upward over time through the various higher levels of consciousness. This is the hierarchy of consciousness development posited by … Continue reading

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