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Trouble with atheists

I find it amusing whenever I encounter someone who says they don’t believe in God. What is amusing is that they actually believe their delusion. The ego is so dominant and the belief in separatism and permanence are so entrenched … Continue reading

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Discernment is a virtue

Discernment is a great achievement, to intuitively know how to be compassionate with detachment, and when attachment contributes to grief and suffering. The ability to detach from attachments which contribute to suffering requires the belief in Oneness and inter-connectedness and … Continue reading

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interdenominational vedic -Davidji meditations

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Love like Words must be shared to be transformative

Love like words must be shared to become transformative and to become alive. Words uttered in isolation fall on deaf ears, like the tree which falls in the forest with no one to hear or witness it; similarly love must … Continue reading

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