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Prana as God in our lives

Frank Lloyd Wright is quoted as saying that for him God is Nature. For me God is consciousness life-force within all that exists. Can you locate it? no. can you measure it? no, well perhaps , sort-of?. Life-force or prana … Continue reading

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Who is middle-class

Are people who own small businesses and have1-25 employees called workers? supposedly not. they are considered middle class. Are people who own income properties and who profit from tenants’ rents workers? apparently not. They belong to the middle class. Although … Continue reading

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Living with Alzheimers

Living with Alzheimers sept 2015 by Roger R Fontaine This blog was inspired by the movie: Still Alice starring “I’ve forgotten their names”. seriously. Every day we re-connect with our purpose, we affirm our identity as person, as soul, as … Continue reading

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Understanding purpose and action

Pope Francis gives voice to atheists suggesting that actions are more important determinant of character than beliefs or dogma. This is a great leap forward to eliminating injustice and persecution by churches and institutions everywhere, both religious and lay. He … Continue reading

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