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The Karmic journey

Everyone has their personal karmic journey in each incarnation. It sometimes seems like a surprise or miracle when good things come our way and we wonder: What did I do to deserve this? We have the same reaction when something … Continue reading

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Karma, liberation from suffering, and vegetarianism

our prarabdha, or karma which we must resolve in this incarnation, is what concerns me the most- I don’t want to leave this body with any unresolved karmic debt. Like Buddha, I wish to stop this re-incarnation cycle and be … Continue reading

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Relationship between God and Humanity

It is unfortunate that so much energy and time is spent attempting to prove or disprove whether because God is causative of all phenomenons that God determines outcomes of all causes. This premise is false to begin with. Because God … Continue reading

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Fitness or Wellness- relieving suffering

I am a massage therapist and have been working in a fitness centre setting for the last 10 years. I have witnessed the influx of fitness centre members who come for strengthening and muscle building. The group classes focus on … Continue reading

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Finding God- knowing God- Being one with God

It’s interesting how even amongst swamis there is disagreement about words, meanings, and definitions regarding what is ‘consciousness’, what is ‘dualism’, what is ‘truth. The claim that all that is phenomenal is changing and therefore not the ultimate truth is … Continue reading

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Receiving Grace

When one prays for help the universal Force is receptive. The receptor which is hearing our prayer is the spiritual essence of the Universe, also called God. This receptor is connected to us through the angelic thread network of Grace. … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Higher Soul connection

The Mooji satsang broadcasts have become an international media empire expanding the pointings and teachings of Ramana Maharshi to a global extent. This is great, raising individual consciousness inward towards the heart, as he says, as Mooji is operating from … Continue reading

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