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what do you believe?

beliefs, ideas, and opinions in my mind are pretty much all derivative- from our socialization and cultural heritage. The religious bent we have is determined as such and only gets modified with intelligent inquiry into truth both relative and absolute. … Continue reading

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The purpose of mental illness

Eckhart Tolle asked about the purpose of mental illness made me reflect on the nature of consciousness, of each human being a part of the ‘one’ universal consciousness or conscience or cosmic awareness. And how each being relates to the … Continue reading

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How do we know if we make a difference?

This is part of the discussion which we have with ourselves whenever we ask: Am I making a difference in my world by my work, my actions, my contribution to Humanity? The answer is usually positive on most days whenever … Continue reading

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Understanding purpose and action

Pope Francis gives voice to atheists suggesting that actions are more important determinant of character than beliefs or dogma. This is a great leap forward to eliminating injustice and persecution by churches and institutions everywhere, both religious and lay. He … Continue reading

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Pranic healers globally- a social mission

We are part of a social global movement which is not apologizing for our presence but inviting Humanity to change, to embrace compassion, responsibility for one’s actions and choices, and to engage into action through meditation, acts of goodwill, dedication … Continue reading

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Confusion, chaos, and dealing with the unexpected

How many ways can we summarize our path and where we feel we are going in life? To me these three titles summarize my reason for living and my purpose in life: to achieve freedom from suffering through enlightenment of … Continue reading

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OCD and Obsession with overconsumption and chemical dependence

My beef today is with over-consumption, shopping obsession, and using drugs to feel comfortable. The first two issues of consumerism over-indulgence and shopping OCD are founded in paradigms that unless one consumes and over-consumes then we can’t possibly be happy. … Continue reading

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