Holism-pain and suffering physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually


Many people are denying their spirituality and reducing their reality to the realm of materialism and physicality. They forget that they are made of energy/spirit and matter/body. The mental/emotional aspect of our being is forged within this meld of body and spirit through our permanent mental/emotional cord which rises to our higher soul.

When we die we take our emotional/mental memories and actions with us to our astral plane and to our next incarnation. These actions and memories interact with our pre-life karma and our post-live destiny.

Our thoughts form our mental matrix and attach significance through our emotions or feelings of love, hate, craving, anger, fear, anxiety, or grief/loss.

These emotions have consciousness and live in the aura of our etheric being. Our Spirit contains our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions or layers of being.

Whenever we interact with our environment, when we are in relationship with someone our aura and contained emotions/memories mingle with that of the other person. We call this chemistry. Sometimes it is positive and supportive and sometimes it’s conflicting and hostile.

The emotional and mental entities which live in our auras attract and repel others as in a magnetic field of like and unlike. Peace and violence can live side by side attracting and repelling each other as influences which affect our behaviour and form our values and culture.

When someone we meet is peaceful and loving it interacts with our craving to be peaceful and loving and collides with those parts of us which are lacking in peace and love, which are empty, craving, and needy. The peace and love which is given us ignites our chemistry and our response will be either to respond back with friendship and compassion or to refuse it and react with emotional  distance and barriers. Our willingness to be open and receptive will affect the extent to which we can experience another’s peace and love.

The unwillingness to be open and receptive to another’s love and peace will reinforce our resistance to transformation, to spiritual evolution, to filling one’s void or empty space with love and peace and thus with joy.

The extent to which we tear our barriers down will determine the extent to which we can be freed from our pain and suffering, our aloneness, and our loneliness. By firstly befriending ourselves we can then be open to being receptive to receiving love and peace from another. This is the only way that social change occurs, through resistance to change, or to embracing change by first being the change we want to see in the world. (Gandhi).





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