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Meaning of life

Words describing passion- attachment –expression of cravings and yearning and desire- Words like: contact, attention, intention, elements of co-arising of intensity of feelings; Meeting of loneliness and emptiness, thinking that fullness implies losing identity; Delusion meeting excitement , pleasure-filled deceptions … Continue reading

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Pranic healers globally- a social mission

We are part of a social global movement which is not apologizing for our presence but inviting Humanity to change, to embrace compassion, responsibility for one’s actions and choices, and to engage into action through meditation, acts of goodwill, dedication … Continue reading

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Interspirituality, a spiritual space which allows tolerance and integration for various beliefs about the nature of spirit, about how it manifests, grows, evolves, and draws from the wisdom schools, traditions, and gurus of different paths. This is a path which … Continue reading

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the Path of Grace

This is my 200th blog on this wordpress blog name: Freedom from Suffering. As I reflect on why I began this blog some 199 blogs ago, it seems that the presence of Grace has been in the background directing my … Continue reading

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Choosing love

truth is not always self-evident, it often is hidden by delusion and conditioned belief from cultural and primary socialization. When living in dualism it seems that the more intense one experiences pain and suffering the greater the relief when it … Continue reading

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Karma, liberation from suffering, and vegetarianism

our prarabdha, or karma which we must resolve in this incarnation, is what concerns me the most- I don’t want to leave this body with any unresolved karmic debt. Like Buddha, I wish to stop this re-incarnation cycle and be … Continue reading

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Relationship between God and Humanity

It is unfortunate that so much energy and time is spent attempting to prove or disprove whether because God is causative of all phenomenons that God determines outcomes of all causes. This premise is false to begin with. Because God … Continue reading

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