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Manifestations of illness and how Pranic Healing can relieve symptoms

The variable of karma is that ‘one reaps what one sows’, therefore we need to perform acts of service to dissolve past lives’ karma which has been negative or destructive. The extent to which we are ‘lucky’ or have good fortune in this life is a consequence of our positive actions in past lives. Nothing happens by accident. Like attracts like. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions and their consequences. Continue reading

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Frequency of use # Canadian Musicians listed on CBC3 website by names

 # of Canadian Band Names and Musician/Performers  starting with name: 34-Adam                                                 23Aaron                                                         54- Alex-andre-ander 64- Andrew                                                 48-Ben                                                             42- Big 15-Bill                                                              25-Billy                                                           52-Brian 114- Chris                                                  46-Dan                                                               59- Dave 100 – … Continue reading

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Canadian Band Names and Musician Names Frequency

 # of Canadian Band Names and Musician/Performers  starting with name: 34-Adam                                                      23Aaron                                          54-Alex-andre-ander 64- Andrew                                                 48-Ben                                              42- Big 15-Bill                                                          25-Billy                                           52-Brian 114- Chris                                                46-Dan                                              59- Dave 100 – David                                                 27- Don                                            24- Glen 34- Greg-g                                                   24- … Continue reading

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The crystal Grid

Some may ask: what is the crystal grid? My perception of the crystal grid is that all beings, inanimate or animate are constructed of crystalline beings. All manifestations are alive and constantly being transformed as they vibrate with and against … Continue reading

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