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A Global appeal to heal

Writing blog which has global appeal must have at it’s core a subject which is universal such as suffering and freedom from it. This blog touches on different sources of suffering: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and goes on to give … Continue reading

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Chakral Hierarchy

Few people in their physical bodies live at the highest refined level of understanding, in the Divine Realm of Being. This realm is reserved for those who have ascended the ladder of spiritual evolution and who have contributed to assisting Humanity … Continue reading

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surging blog- thanks to my Indian readers

I was alerted on March 2nd 2015 by WordPress that my blog: was going ballistic. I received 88 views in one day, from only six visitors while I usually only receive between 2-6 views daily. Upon researching the stats … Continue reading

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Evolution, inter-being and Human arrogance

to be earth is in its nature to be unyielding, only modified by water, air, and fire. To be air is to be yielding and flexible, expanding by fire and transformed by water into gas; to be fire is to … Continue reading

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Purification of craving and pursuit of desire for what is eternal

When we come to Facebook it is best when it comes from a craving for being nourished, but also to find nourishment within oneself and be free of distraction and pursuit of cravings and attachments outside of oneself. being versus … Continue reading

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