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Sacred Space

The most sacred space is that which lives within your heart- it is not a place, not a location, but a state of being. Being safe, being joyful, being fulfilled, being grateful, being trusting, being accepting, being love. When I … Continue reading

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to Caroline Myss on taking ownership of our suffering

to Caroline Myss: as children we can’t perceive that we are authors of our mis-behaviour- as ordained by our parents- we just float along on the waves of curiosity and pleasure-seeking. As adolescents we don’t take responsibility for our part … Continue reading

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Synthesis: the act of joining apparent disparate strands of knowledge towards obtaining a new understanding of reality, of existence, and of our place in the universe. Light and Space and Time are experienced with our senses. We know that the … Continue reading

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We are ‘one breath’

One breath- one inhalation and one exhalation- that is the extent of the duration of my lifetime in geological time of our universe’s 13b. years of existence. What I will accomplish for the universe in my lifetime will contribute to … Continue reading

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The spiritual path

A spiritual journey is like a walk along the spine of a feather; the upper side of the feather has short strands or paths before reaching the end and returning  to the spine to continue one’s journey towards feather’s end … Continue reading

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