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Evil- Possession and Exorcism

Florida man kills his daughter and her six children- others in the house were not killed. Sept. 18-2014 Incidents like this one make us seriously re-evaluate our belief in evil possession. How could a sane man with love and compassion … Continue reading

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Tripikata- synthesis (The Three Baskets)

Synthesis of Tripikata there are two kinds of Human beings- those who remember their origins and those who have forgotten. Those which remember are filled with light, love, and will power to see beauty, love, and joy in creation and … Continue reading

god and Time

The past is but the containment of memories, and the future is but the containment of expectations and likely outcome of patterns and habits which are already in motion. The Present is the only ‘reality’ which contains ‘truth’ and resolution. … Continue reading

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why I share?

Every time I contribute I ask myself the same question? Do I contribute or abstain from making my footprint on the page of FB today? Do I risk judgment from others and do I care what others think? about my … Continue reading

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cancer is a projection of imbalance, disruption and signal that the body is not who we are, but a symptom and sign of who we are not. The Self is composed of the body, mind, emotions, and soul. Which of … Continue reading

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Finding Heaven

for every time I get angry I am in collision and there is impact. I am colliding with inner resistance to an event, thought, feeling, which challenges me. My fear is being triggered of losing control and power and authority … Continue reading

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