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Pranic healing as modern shamanism

This talk is inspired by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and the teachings which he has shared with Humanity. I’ve discovered his teachings on modern pranic healing in 2007 and have been a practitioner since then. I have before, back … Continue reading

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Consciousness- its nature

I once saw a movie of a stroke patient who post-stroke was unable to communicate, unable to move eyes in response to external stimuli, physically paralyzed also, therefore one could conclude that there was no ‘presence’ there and that there … Continue reading

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Loneliness and dharma

there is currently a discussion going on about loneliness- about cravings and yearnings. The enlightened state doesn’t concern itself with this state of being because it is dwelling on the negative or the lack of something- namely union with others. … Continue reading

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OCD and Obsession with overconsumption and chemical dependence

My beef today is with over-consumption, shopping obsession, and using drugs to feel comfortable. The first two issues of consumerism over-indulgence and shopping OCD are founded in paradigms that unless one consumes and over-consumes then we can’t possibly be happy. … Continue reading

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Future choices- vegetarianism or War

To use the name of Allah, Yahweh, or Shiva in the commission of an act of violence against ‘infidels’ with perceived religious moral indignation and justification is reprehensible and moral cultural rubbish. Acts of aggression against women or non-Islamists with … Continue reading

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Onset of Dementia

Dementia- a smattering of memories held together by snapping synapses being shattered by the passage of time, quickly forgotten and left wondering. Left wandering in a maze of broken images, sounds, and sights. The teller at the bank yesterday reassured … Continue reading

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The Karmic journey

Everyone has their personal karmic journey in each incarnation. It sometimes seems like a surprise or miracle when good things come our way and we wonder: What did I do to deserve this? We have the same reaction when something … Continue reading

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