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Escaping the dualism

Escaping the dualism? sometimes we can rise above it in our consciousness by surpassing the karmic consequences of our actions but this can occur only when we are in total harmony with the causal Essence, the ‘Essential Oneness’ of the … Continue reading

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what do you believe?

beliefs, ideas, and opinions in my mind are pretty much all derivative- from our socialization and cultural heritage. The religious bent we have is determined as such and only gets modified with intelligent inquiry into truth both relative and absolute. … Continue reading

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Embrace differences

There is beauty in all colours- why are there few blues (lobelia), indigos or violets found in earthly plants, with the exception of a few flowers which are spiritual like lavender (meant to reduce stress, acts as a nervine, relaxes … Continue reading

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How do we know if we make a difference?

This is part of the discussion which we have with ourselves whenever we ask: Am I making a difference in my world by my work, my actions, my contribution to Humanity? The answer is usually positive on most days whenever … Continue reading

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Consciousness- its nature

I once saw a movie of a stroke patient who post-stroke was unable to communicate, unable to move eyes in response to external stimuli, physically paralyzed also, therefore one could conclude that there was no ‘presence’ there and that there … Continue reading

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Facing Cognitive Impairment

We spend much of our lives working to accumulate, we purchase stuff which we are attracted to, and make collections of similar stuff to which we are attracted. We make relationships with friends who either agree with our perspective on … Continue reading

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Pranic healers globally- a social mission

We are part of a social global movement which is not apologizing for our presence but inviting Humanity to change, to embrace compassion, responsibility for one’s actions and choices, and to engage into action through meditation, acts of goodwill, dedication … Continue reading

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