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Which seeds are we watering?

We have the power to choose how we will live our lives today and every day. Continue reading

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Cold turkey

I don’t know the origin of this expression, however, in its application the meaning is that of ceasing behaviour which is compulsive, obsessive, and/or addictive in nature. It is usually applied to ceasing to smoke, drink, gamble, etc. totally with … Continue reading

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Freedom from Addictive tendencies

Addictive tendencies begin when we consume our first soother. The result of instant gratification sets the stage for future attempts to reduce stress in one’s internal environment. The soother is a substitute for the thumb as a self-controllable method of … Continue reading

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Freedom from Addictive Tendencies part 2

Part 1 outlined the origin of addictive behaviour tendencies as evolving from the mal-adaptation of self-gratification methods. The social conditioning which occurs in the pubescent child will determine the propensity of mal-adaptation in self-gratification options selected by the teenager and … Continue reading

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Taking Responsibility

This is a topic which is constantly evolving in the awareness of everyone. My degree of taking responsibility has evolved, like everyone else through the occurrence of crises, through making inappropriate decisions, and through the struggle of resisting addictive behaviour … Continue reading

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