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Issues of control and surrender-

I find that most of my clients who come to see me have issues with control, with wanting to control their environments to manage stress- thinking that being in control will make the stress vanish. Unfortunately they are mistaken in … Continue reading

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Discovering wisdom about pain and suffering

I am discovering that love is embodied within acceptance of myself with my virtuous character and my character flaws; my inner peace is a reflection of my self-love being balanced with my love for all Humanity; my joy is the … Continue reading

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Learning to adapt

The achievement of self-love and faith and trust in one’s ability to be still, detached, and peaceful when surrounded by chaos and insecurity will be the needed tools of the ‘new era’. The ability to raise one’s energetic vibration and frequency above that of fear, blame, and guilt will require love, courage, and intuition. Continue reading

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