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Identity and Presence

yes, being with one’s self 24/7 is the goal, it is the journey, not a destination. awareness of this is beyond time and location. The ability to suspend time by opening one’s consciousness to connect one moment to the next … Continue reading

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Future choices- vegetarianism or War

To use the name of Allah, Yahweh, or Shiva in the commission of an act of violence against ‘infidels’ with perceived religious moral indignation and justification is reprehensible and moral cultural rubbish. Acts of aggression against women or non-Islamists with … Continue reading

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the Path of Grace

This is my 200th blog on this wordpress blog name: Freedom from Suffering. As I reflect on why I began this blog some 199 blogs ago, it seems that the presence of Grace has been in the background directing my … Continue reading

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Choosing love

truth is not always self-evident, it often is hidden by delusion and conditioned belief from cultural and primary socialization. When living in dualism it seems that the more intense one experiences pain and suffering the greater the relief when it … Continue reading

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Onset of Dementia

Dementia- a smattering of memories held together by snapping synapses being shattered by the passage of time, quickly forgotten and left wondering. Left wandering in a maze of broken images, sounds, and sights. The teller at the bank yesterday reassured … Continue reading

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