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Organic Divinity

Our body is our Divine navigator, announcing it’s presence whenever we make a choice- the consequence tells us whether we are acting with God or choosing to act against what is right and true in the big picture. Our body … Continue reading

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Escaping the dualism

Escaping the dualism? sometimes we can rise above it in our consciousness by surpassing the karmic consequences of our actions but this can occur only when we are in total harmony with the causal Essence, the ‘Essential Oneness’ of the … Continue reading

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The purpose of mental illness

Eckhart Tolle asked about the purpose of mental illness made me reflect on the nature of consciousness, of each human being a part of the ‘one’ universal consciousness or conscience or cosmic awareness. And how each being relates to the … Continue reading

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Prana as God in our lives

Frank Lloyd Wright is quoted as saying that for him God is Nature. For me God is consciousness life-force within all that exists. Can you locate it? no. can you measure it? no, well perhaps , sort-of?. Life-force or prana … Continue reading

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Understanding purpose and action

Pope Francis gives voice to atheists suggesting that actions are more important determinant of character than beliefs or dogma. This is a great leap forward to eliminating injustice and persecution by churches and institutions everywhere, both religious and lay. He … Continue reading

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Pranic healers globally- a social mission

We are part of a social global movement which is not apologizing for our presence but inviting Humanity to change, to embrace compassion, responsibility for one’s actions and choices, and to engage into action through meditation, acts of goodwill, dedication … Continue reading

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The seven graces

so important to practice the seven graces: fortitude or strength to sustain faith, to endure what is sent our way by our karmic journey through life. So difficult it is to maintain reverence and piety when faced with obstacles, whether … Continue reading

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