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The nature of suffering

Getting lost in the spiral of mental judgment and criticism of dualism I find this conversation about the nature and use of suffering as rather misleading. There is no good or bad in suffering or pain. It is the fire … Continue reading

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Creating Heaven on earth

We can aspire to be more than water droplets in the ocean, than grains of sand on the beach, than thought forms in physical bodies. yet that’s what we are, imbued with a soulful presence and consciousness which is eternal … Continue reading

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Gender Differentiation

gender discussion- differentiation or identification? There are times when as a Man I find that I identify more with feminine-attributed traits. This label of female-attributed traits is misleading, unfair, and against liberation. Let’s leave gender bias aside and just say … Continue reading

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Violence against women/men/children by celebrities-search for justice and compassion

Violence against women by celebrities- the list continues to grow- now with revered and respected Bill Cosby being the newest addition to the list of ‘alleged’ sexual abusers to be confronted publicly in the media since Jian Ghomeshi’s integrity has … Continue reading

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Health, energy, and limiting beliefs

Many people don’t realize that truth limiting beliefs or false beliefs are producers of energy blockages and may restrict the flow of energy throughout the body. Negative thoughts which arise from or which promote fear,anger, doubt, or anxiety lead to … Continue reading

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God is the Glue

God is the glue which holds reality together. It is the interconnecting being which is both energetic and manifest. It is essence and existence, invisible energy and visible matter of which God is both the essence, the substance, and the … Continue reading

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What we seek?

People spend way too much time hung up on identity, image, and ego. There are many Masters out there for those who are seeking answers to questions about soul mastery and freedom from suffering. Then there are those who are … Continue reading

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