Facing Cognitive Impairment- part 2

I wrote part 1 back in October 2015 subsequent to my feeling that I was suffering from congenital mental impairment having lost my mother and grand-mother to dementia.

I underwent extensive psychological testing at my local hospital and after multiple mental testing was given the ‘all clear’; I was told that my mental ability and memory was above average, especially with regards to numbers. Is this implying that I should have gone into accounting ( a job which I deplore)?

In any event the emotional stress which the uncertainty had wrought on my mind was removed. I was informed that my forgetfulness and mis-handling of my time management was due to my utilizing too many reminder calendars and was getting confused in not keeping them all up to date, secondly I was informed that too much caffeine can cause mental confusion and memory loss/disorientation. I was also suffering from the stress of having to coordinate working at three different locations and keeping variable schedules up to date.

I have since relinquished responsibilities at one location and now focus my attention to  only two workplaces providing massage therapy services in a fitness centre where I am self-employed  and in a spa where I’m an employee and just show up for work and leave when I’m done. This has reduced my stress by stabilizing my income and reducing the anxiety which comes from the uncertainty of future income when being only self-employed.