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Cleansing Juice

Originally posted on My Color Is Lyme:
The color may be off putting (this is what happens when you combine red and green), but it tastes pretty good. I am going to be trying to do a lot of cleansing…

Transforming one’s life

Transforming one’s life: Intent follows thought and thought drives emotion and action. By maintaining positive and loving thoughts and emotions we can only produce positive and loving acts of goodwill to everyone. To transform one’s vices into virtues one must … Continue reading

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Planetary and Spiritual Evolution

Today I am  inspired to write about what we think we know about God, Spirituality, Religion, and Evolution. Humanity if pre-destined towards a return to the Causal Essence after death  we would all  have an inner compass leading us there. … Continue reading

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Meditation focus- psycho-logical, psysio-logical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

I have great respect for the teacher, and for Deepak. However I have to point out that his primordial sound meditation appears to be biased in its focus on the psychological and on the physiological but  de-emphasizes  the spiritual or … Continue reading

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