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Spiritual evolution and cosmic comparisons of greatness

all living beings are connected to God because they are all a part of God, or a microcosm of the larger Being. The question of whether there is a limitation on how many souls can exist at any one time … Continue reading

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Purpose of knowledge and circle of influence

Teaching or sharing knowledge is difficult task. The act of understanding is even greater task to accomplish successfully because it depends on the transmuting of knowledge into wisdom and the repetition of practice and discipline in performing wholesome acts and … Continue reading

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Consciousness-phenomenal and pre-phenomenal

Consciousness comes to us in a blended mix of that which is pre-phenomenal or which comes before what is manifest, and that which is experienced in the body and through the senses: the vision which in light is fashioned by … Continue reading

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Social evolution

There was a time when all a person needed to survive was access to land and water; health, wife, sandals, spear, and one could look after one’s family needs for food, shelter and clothing. The bare necessities of life. But … Continue reading

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solutions to poverty, migration and pollution

if the top 5% of income earners decided to forego 5% of their income to their employees the increase in disposable income would fuel the economic growth by over 10% because of the multiplier effect of consumer spending. The increase … Continue reading

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Embracing or surrendering suffering?

one cannot have a universe that matters unless there exists an emptiness in which to place it. to be free I must be detached from the suffering and attach myself to the energy of the Masters and of the universal … Continue reading

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Basic needs for all

shelter with privacy and comfort is a human need, the concept of private property and desire for more arises from greed. Greed is vice and needs to be tempered with compassion and generosity which are virtues.Sharing and respecting equal right … Continue reading

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