The Wisdom of emptiness and detachment

lightning strikes over waterMany people think that joy or happiness comes in things. We go shopping for someone’s birthday to show our love and affection and we buy them something. We attach significance to belongings, to our houses, cars, properties and things which we have purchased with our hard won dollars usually.

The whole notion of joy and happiness coming from attachment to things is countered by the notion of finding peace and bliss in detachment from things and material objects.

This second notion finds its basis for truth in the paradigm that we find truth in emptiness not in fullness or beingness.

When we are born the fullness of the pregnancy is released within the form of a child which is released from the womb of the mother and takes its place in the world of things and beings.

Upon our death the fullness of matter which comprises the body is emptied into the nether of spirit reality and as matter dissolves, as the elements make their last manifestation the earth, water, air, and fire are released to the ether or consciousness which is the last element to dissolve into the non-material plane of being.

So the question remains: where do we find peace and joy then in this world while we are in the body? There can be no peace or joy without love.

How do we justify attachments to material objects to which we attribute value or utility?

How do we rejoice in the surrender which accompanies detachment and the acceptance of emptiness? The only three absolutes are the certainty of change, the presence of cycles, and the irrevocability of consequences. Why cling on to any other beliefs which are only relative and which are sources of pain and suffering?

We are truly free when we detach from our cravings and attachment to false beliefs.

Truth lies in the emptiness which lives between all atoms in space. Matter is composed of energetically tied atoms into physical  reality which we perceive with our consciousness made up of ether, the fifth element. This is why there is no absolute truth in matter because it is not eternal, it is constantly changing and evolving. The planets are moving through space at enormous speeds as our galaxy is also moving through space and the universe is expanding and accelerating. It always has and always will. So what?

It is only when we can see the emptiness of things (the space between the atoms)  that we find the freedom of joy and peace. It is only then that we can rejoice in the detachment from matter and celebrate the energetic reality of life, of living, of love.

Freedom from pain and suffering comes from detachment from things and people. Emotional and mental attachments are what constitute and maintain suffering. It is with spiritual practice, purifying our energy meridians/channels/nadis/ that we can achieve this higher level of detachment while still maintaining presence in spirit or life-force, to our compassion and to our love for all living beings. Detachment does not mean indifference.

Energy is real because it is the aspect of non-visible existence which cannot be seen yet which contains life-force and which animates the sentient beings on our planet. Even crystals are sentient beings and are able to manifest the transmission of life-force through their beings.

Light-beings contain life-force and transmit themselves throughout the universe in ways we don’t understand. We perceive light as travelling at a certain speed throughout the universe yet the truth is that there is something which is faster than light and that is Spirit life-force.

Spirit life-force is not tied by the limitations of time/distance paradigm. It transcends this limitation which is imposed upon matter. There exists a link between the electromagnetic field which is in the material plane and the spirit life-force energy which transcends it, which can travel through it and beyond it with consciousness.

It is this spirit life-force which carries life, love, joy, and peace. As far as it having a lifeform identity as ‘this person’ or ‘that person’ is not relevant. Spirit life-force is identified as differentiated by its memories folder which it carries throughout its incarnations: the akashic record of its travels and experiences which defines it’s evolution throughout repeated incarnations. Whether this documentation of our lives history is accurate or not does not take away from the truth that we are spirit and matter living in a conjoined beingness on this planet.

Some people believe that when we sleep that our soul or spirit life-force leaves the confines of our material body and travels to another space or plane where we can have experiences and encounters with other life-beings and exchange thoughts, emotions, and wisdom.

Jesus made reference to the belief that man can only know God when they let go of their possessions: it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

This reference of the eye of the needle touches on the emptiness of being, that the eye represents the absence of matter, or possessions. It is the symbol of detachment and holds the secret to the presence of spirit life-force. When we can pass through the eye of the needle we have mastered the detachment of life-force from matter. When we can observe with our minds’ eye the emptiness of all things we will be freed from the bond of attachment to what we perceive as being permanent yet which is only atoms held together by energy.








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