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Loneliness and dharma

there is currently a discussion going on about loneliness- about cravings and yearnings. The enlightened state doesn’t concern itself with this state of being because it is dwelling on the negative or the lack of something- namely union with others. … Continue reading

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Karma, liberation from suffering, and vegetarianism

our prarabdha, or karma which we must resolve in this incarnation, is what concerns me the most- I don’t want to leave this body with any unresolved karmic debt. Like Buddha, I wish to stop this re-incarnation cycle and be … Continue reading

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Fitness or Wellness- relieving suffering

I am a massage therapist and have been working in a fitness centre setting for the last 10 years. I have witnessed the influx of fitness centre members who come for strengthening and muscle building. The group classes focus on … Continue reading

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The gift of love

People are attracted to love like smaller objects are attracted to larger ones with greater mass. This is the law of gravity and attraction. People who radiate love are considered like magnets in that people are attracted to those who … Continue reading

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Hurting others in relationship

When people hurt us, unintentionally, it comes from a sense of insecurity, frustration, and expectation or regret that your behaviour was, according to their perception, inadequate. We need to not attach to the other’s emotional state, release them, and forgive … Continue reading

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Reality perception and vibration frequency

many people look at what they observe and perceive this to be real. Most people believe their perceptions as being accurate and beyond reproach. This provides security and reduces emotional fear and mental doubt. Without this sense of safety and … Continue reading

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Heaven or Hell

heaven and hell can co-exist but not in the same person. Both are states of consciousness which resonate with thoughts, emotions, and soul. I can witness you in hell without having to join you. You can witness my heaven and … Continue reading

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