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Pranic healing as modern shamanism

This talk is inspired by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and the teachings which he has shared with Humanity. I’ve discovered his teachings on modern pranic healing in 2007 and have been a practitioner since then. I have before, back … Continue reading

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Organic Divinity

Our body is our Divine navigator, announcing it’s presence whenever we make a choice- the consequence tells us whether we are acting with God or choosing to act against what is right and true in the big picture. Our body … Continue reading

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How do we know if we make a difference?

This is part of the discussion which we have with ourselves whenever we ask: Am I making a difference in my world by my work, my actions, my contribution to Humanity? The answer is usually positive on most days whenever … Continue reading

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Confusion, chaos, and dealing with the unexpected

How many ways can we summarize our path and where we feel we are going in life? To me these three titles summarize my reason for living and my purpose in life: to achieve freedom from suffering through enlightenment of … Continue reading

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OCD and Obsession with overconsumption and chemical dependence

My beef today is with over-consumption, shopping obsession, and using drugs to feel comfortable. The first two issues of consumerism over-indulgence and shopping OCD are founded in paradigms that unless one consumes and over-consumes then we can’t possibly be happy. … Continue reading

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The seven graces

so important to practice the seven graces: fortitude or strength to sustain faith, to endure what is sent our way by our karmic journey through life. So difficult it is to maintain reverence and piety when faced with obstacles, whether … Continue reading

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the Path of Grace

This is my 200th blog on this wordpress blog name: Freedom from Suffering. As I reflect on why I began this blog some 199 blogs ago, it seems that the presence of Grace has been in the background directing my … Continue reading

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