Frequency of use # Canadian Musicians listed on CBC3 website by names

 # of Canadian Band Names and Musician/Performers  starting with name:

34-Adam                                                 23Aaron                                                         54- Alex-andre-ander

64- Andrew                                                 48-Ben                                                             42- Big

15-Bill                                                              25-Billy                                                           52-Brian

114- Chris                                                  46-Dan                                                               59- Dave

100 – David                                                 27- Don                                                          24- Glen

34- Greg-g                                                   24- Hot                                                           20- Jack

73- James                                                   56- Jason                                                       46- Jay

46- Jef-f-e                                                34- Jes-s-e                                                       41- Joe

107- John                                                   42- Johnny                                                      56- Kevin

28- Lilttle                                                      52- Matt                                                         37- One

58 – Paul                                                     77- Pete –r                                                  28-Richard

94- Rob-bie-ert                                      13- Roger                                                          61- Ryan

55- Scot-ty                                                 37- Sean                                                         99- Steve-en

43- Tim

28- Young


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