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Interspirituality, a spiritual space which allows tolerance and integration for various beliefs about the nature of spirit, about how it manifests, grows, evolves, and draws from the wisdom schools, traditions, and gurus of different paths. This is a path which … Continue reading

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Future choices- vegetarianism or War

To use the name of Allah, Yahweh, or Shiva in the commission of an act of violence against ‘infidels’ with perceived religious moral indignation and justification is reprehensible and moral cultural rubbish. Acts of aggression against women or non-Islamists with … Continue reading

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Relationship between God and Humanity

It is unfortunate that so much energy and time is spent attempting to prove or disprove whether because God is causative of all phenomenons that God determines outcomes of all causes. This premise is false to begin with. Because God … Continue reading

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Searching for Truth

Buddha is quoted as having said that individuals on spiritual path of self-knowing were not to believe what he said blindly nor to follow anyone but themselves to finding ‘truth’. Truth can be pointed to but you cannot lead someone … Continue reading

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Is there a Divine Plan?

Is there a Divine Plan? The search for fullness or infinity of love and emptiness of mind or eternity of consciousness is the quest for all times. Both states are absolute realities; the first arises from the eternal and infinite … Continue reading

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Freedom from Hell

A world of hope only exists when we relinquish the belief that we know with certainty who is saved from damnation and who is expelled from the eternal love of God. This means that we live in the love and … Continue reading

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Religions- Divine aspects

Every religion which worships the Divine aspects of the Creator are worthy of respect- there are differences between where the accents are placed and which aspects of the Divine are accentuated- in Hindu tradition- whether the creative Vishnu loving aspect … Continue reading

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