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Peace or Joy-which is primary goal?

I’ve been reflecting on what is the primary source of happiness or pleasure? You hear people talk about “my greatest desire is for there to be peace on earth”. What about Joy? Can’t Joy be a greater goal than peace? After … Continue reading

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Organic Divinity

Our body is our Divine navigator, announcing it’s presence whenever we make a choice- the consequence tells us whether we are acting with God or choosing to act against what is right and true in the big picture. Our body … Continue reading

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Global economy and polity in 21st century

The global reality is that economic and political integration is growing. The majority of global citizens wake up each and every day to a reality that the planet is increasingly interrelated and  integrated,  economically and increasingly politically. Trade between Asia, … Continue reading

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Finding one’s life purpose

When we wake up do we know exactly how our day will unfold? Will we have at our conscious disposal all of the elements as they will develop? I love to start my day by being reflective of my mood, … Continue reading

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Meaning of life

Words describing passion- attachment –expression of cravings and yearning and desire- Words like: contact, attention, intention, elements of co-arising of intensity of feelings; Meeting of loneliness and emptiness, thinking that fullness implies losing identity; Delusion meeting excitement , pleasure-filled deceptions … Continue reading

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The purpose of mental illness

Eckhart Tolle asked about the purpose of mental illness made me reflect on the nature of consciousness, of each human being a part of the ‘one’ universal consciousness or conscience or cosmic awareness. And how each being relates to the … Continue reading

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Embrace differences

There is beauty in all colours- why are there few blues (lobelia), indigos or violets found in earthly plants, with the exception of a few flowers which are spiritual like lavender (meant to reduce stress, acts as a nervine, relaxes … Continue reading

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