Finding God- knowing God- Being one with God

It’s interesting how even amongst swamis there is disagreement about words, meanings, and definitions regarding what is ‘consciousness’, what is ‘dualism’, what is ‘truth. The claim that all that is phenomenal is changing and therefore not the ultimate truth is based on the paradigm that what is ultimate truth is unchanging or immutable. Perhaps ultimate truth can be changing and evolving as the universe is expanding and evolving perhaps ultimate truth or ‘essence’ defined as God is also possibly evolving and changing in its unity or essence; that which exists before existence? That which is as ‘intelligence’ as ‘wisdom’ as ‘love’. That which comes as ’cause’ and which comes before what is created , that which exists as ‘thought’ or ‘intent’ which comes before substance and form and matter: that being is ‘life’ and ‘love’ and ‘intelligence’, it lives before existence, before matter, before dualism and concepts and words, before action. This is God. And yet that which is creation is also part of God, it is the manifest part. Then dualism melts into unity and oneness which is causal essence or God. God is both emptiness and fullness, essence, and existence.

Esse and existere. Immutable yet evolving. Creative, restorative, existential. God is life-force, God is the force of life.
One begins to understand God in it`s unity by beginning to understand God in the diversity of phenomenality and conceptuality. One can go from the source to the creation and from creation to the source. However to know God or to be One with God requires giving up identity as `person`, as ìndividual. Once one can observe the presence of God in all things, organic and inorganic, then one can begin to understand the wisdom of God`s presence, of God`s being, of God`s essence, of God being ‘all that is’.


About Pranic Roger

I have been developing my healing skills since 1998 and have been on a personal purification journey and free from substance dependency since 1989 following twenty-three years of dependency to nicotine and alcohol. I operate a fee-for-service healing facility and utilize deep-tissue massage techniques and pranic healing techniques to remove blockages to healing and surrender, and expulsion of negative energy thought forms and entities from the body, chakras, and aura. My website is: The secondary website for more information about energy work is :, and That's what goes on when I'm not outside nurturing my garden which occurs from April to November.
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