Reaching for the Higher Soul connection

The Mooji satsang broadcasts have become an international media empire expanding the pointings and teachings of Ramana Maharshi to a global extent. This is great, raising individual consciousness inward towards the heart, as he says, as Mooji is operating from the Heart in a state of Grace. This is all beautiful.
My concern is that Mooji never speaks of ‘consciousness’ as being an aspect of ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ as that eternal being or state which he lives in and speaks of.
He also doesn’t speak of the need to connect heart with Higher Soul or ‘Christ consciousness’ as the next step once identity with phenomenality has been stripped away and all that remains is the emptiness of ‘incarnated soul’. Once one reaches union or yoga with the I am presence, then what?
Mooji doesn’t speak of the connection between personal incarnated soul with the Higher Soul or Father, with Christ or ParaBrahman?
The danger for those who have not risen their vibration energetically to feel ‘one with their inner soul’ and ‘one with all beings’, who have not been taught how to raise their heart vibration to their crown chakra or universal connection of love, that these individuals will feel lost when left to their own devices of discernment and may still be caught in yearnings and cravings which manifest as ‘dis-satisfaction’ or ‘insufficiency’, or ‘need to be in the physical presence of the Master’.
The grouping of individuals in ‘satsangs’ or ‘silent retreat intensives’ raises the vibration of each heart through the effect of being in greater numbers raises the energetic presence of ‘spirit’ personally when in larger group. Yet this energetic rise in presence becomes lost once one leaves the large group and returns to social reality which is comprised of individuals whose energetic vibration is lower and not residing in heartfelt compassion and spirit.
It is fine to reject phenomenality as delusion, and it is also necessary to replace phenomenality with something greater, more fulfilling, which erases the pain and suffering of temporality.
This something is connection with Higher Soul, and connection with all living beings can only be done through the ParaBrahman, through the Solar logos, through the Universal logos, through the Higher Soul.
Christ said: I am the Way, the Life and the Light.
As each drop of water loses its personal being when in the ocean of universal being so we as individual souls find our true nature when we are one in the ocean of spirit.
Gratitude to Masters, especially to my spiritual teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui. Each individual’s prarabdha will manifest as they choose to evolve. Glory to God which is a ‘state of being’, not a person.
The Masters are the doorkeepers and hold the keys to the Kingdom. We need to practice the virtues and avoid the ‘vices’ and follow the pointings towards spirit and freedom from suffering and pain. Devotion to the Master is part of the journey in grace. The Master, like the Father, helps us avoid the mistakes which others have made in past journeys. Find the wisdom to understand this and to use knowledge wisely.


About Pranic Roger

I have been developing my healing skills since 1998 and have been on a personal purification journey and free from substance dependency since 1989 following twenty-three years of dependency to nicotine and alcohol. I operate a fee-for-service healing facility and utilize deep-tissue massage techniques and pranic healing techniques to remove blockages to healing and surrender, and expulsion of negative energy thought forms and entities from the body, chakras, and aura. My website is: The secondary website for more information about energy work is :, and That's what goes on when I'm not outside nurturing my garden which occurs from April to November.
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