Battle between Ego and Spirit by Roger Fontaine, feb 2015

When I speak with clients about ‘being’, about ‘identity’, about the ‘I’ which experiences reality and life I am not speaking from mind but from a place of consciousness and emptiness which has no location, no identity, no road, no signpost.
When we speak about spirit or about love or about peace, similarly I am not making reference to phenomena or something which is perceived by the senses which are physical: mind, sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste.
That which is experienced by our ‘awareness’ or ‘consciousness’ is beyond the physical. It is behind the senses which experience this life.
Mind is also a sense, in that it is a computer which registers reality through the senses and makes sense or ordinates facts, images, and variables and through cultural conditioning of education responds with a thought or feeling which is perceived by the receiving person as either appropriate or not.
However when we act from the state of spirit or love or peace, we are not acting from mind.
The function of mind is to compare, to measure, to analyze, to judge, to make ‘sense’ out of what we are experiencing. The spirit, however, experiences reality not from this place as mind does, but from an infinite and eternal place which we sometimes call ‘the big picture’.
Spirit has the ability to incorporate components and elements of reality into the equation of analysis which are beyond the senses and beyond mind, made of intuitive aspects.

We are engaging life through our state of heartfelt compassion and love and caring for the whole universe of reality and being.
The ‘I’ which ‘is’, this ‘I am” which lives in this body is that being which transcends the physical body. It is even false to speak of our ‘I am’ presence as a being because it even transcends that. Our “I AM’ presence is total spirit beyond being, beyond experience, infinite and eternal. This we cannot feel with the senses or with mind.
Consciousness can only experience itself as ‘its self’.
It is life experiencing it’s self or state as ‘life’.

Ego is an aspect of spirit which is attached to mind at birth and which accompanies spirit throughout life cycle until death of physical body.
Think of ‘ego’ as a piece of hardware attached to our spirit which is both hardware and software. However ego comes with a virus which we call ‘delusion’ and which prevents ‘spirit’ from experiencing reality accurately.
Delusion comes with belief in permanence, separateness of beings, and resistance to change. Delusion opposes all which challenges mind and reason. Ego is the ‘military apparatus’ which protects mind and delusion from the intuitive affirmations of spirit, of truth, of beauty, of love.
Ego doesn’t want spirit to look beyond the curtain or veil and see beyond that which is material, physical, or concrete. Ego loves gravity, physicality, and emotions. Ego loves to control spirit through reason, logic, and persistence and deception called delusion. Ego doesn’t want you to believe in the wizard, faith, or what is not visible or tangible.
Ego is personified as ‘evil voice’ on our left shoulder, while spirit is personified as ‘angelic voice’ on our right shoulder, suggesting some sort of opposition between ego and spirit to control our beings.
This is the inner dialogue between delusion and truth, between evil and good, between the ‘self’ and ‘other.
This is the basis for division of Humanity by those who usurp power for personal gain, for the justification of wars by those who wish to control what is physical, for the maintenance of inequality and injustice and perversion of truth and beauty.

When we embrace Spirit we reject delusion, ego, war, and violence. We reject the premise of ‘another’, we refuse to be misled by those who abuse and disrespect consciousness, presence, love, and beauty for self gain.
When we embrace Spirit we reject ‘religion’ as a tool by the powerful to dominate those who follow and can’t think for themselves;
When we embrace Spirituality we choose to support those who quest for truth, love, and peace and wish goodwill for all Humanity, who strive for the elimination of poverty consciousness and work to dissolve ‘Delusion’ personified as education, culture, politics, and art constructed to support and promote capitalism and exploitation of Humanity personally and collectively through its institutions which are repressive and which oppose reform through laws which favour the few who own and manipulate capital for personal and corporate gain.
When we embrace Spirituality we seek virtue and avoid vice: greed, hatred, envy, pride, jealousy, and lust. We pursue honesty, generosity, accurate perception, correct expression, wholesome thoughts, actions, lifestyle and perceptions. We pursue non-excessiveness and moderation in consumption. We avoid intoxicants which numb perception or which destroy Spirit and blind Truth. Pharmaceuticals have become the tool of the State to control Humanity, to repress awakening to Spirit, and to maintain the masses under the control of cultural conditioning, indebtedness to banks and governments, and working for capitalists who venture against Spirit and for Ego.


About Pranic Roger

I have been developing my healing skills since 1998 and have been on a personal purification journey and free from substance dependency since 1989 following twenty-three years of dependency to nicotine and alcohol. I operate a fee-for-service healing facility and utilize deep-tissue massage techniques and pranic healing techniques to remove blockages to healing and surrender, and expulsion of negative energy thought forms and entities from the body, chakras, and aura. My website is: The secondary website for more information about energy work is :, and That's what goes on when I'm not outside nurturing my garden which occurs from April to November.
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