Finding the remedy- looking for answers

so often when we are broken or wounded we look outside of ourselves for the healing solution. Whether allopathic, pharmaceutical, holistic, or spiritual we perceive that something outside of ourselves can do the `trick`. Then we discover that what we really needed was to be more attentive to our health and lifestyle choices- get more sleep, exercise, eat healthier, etc. I want to add an internal dimension: maintain positive thoughts and intentions and stay in the present moment, forgive those who’ve hurt us and whom we’ve hurt, forgive ourselves, and love without restriction. Most often internal causes of illness are more pervasive and rooted sources of imbalance and disease. The remedy resides inside.

About Pranic Roger

I have been developing my healing skills since 1998 and have been on a personal purification journey and free from substance dependency since 1989 following twenty-three years of dependency to nicotine and alcohol. I operate a fee-for-service healing facility and utilize deep-tissue massage techniques and pranic healing techniques to remove blockages to healing and surrender, and expulsion of negative energy thought forms and entities from the body, chakras, and aura. My website is: The secondary website for more information about energy work is :, and That's what goes on when I'm not outside nurturing my garden which occurs from April to November.
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