Meditation focus- psycho-logical, psysio-logical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

I have great respect for the teacher, and for Deepak. However I have to point out that his primordial sound meditation appears to be biased in its focus on the psychological and on the physiological but  de-emphasizes  the spiritual or immaterial aspects and benefits of meditation such as peace, joy, and bliss and places emphasis on stress reduction of cortisol secretions, and reduced blood pressure and heart rates, and mental clarity (as measured by instruments monitoring alpha, delta, and beta brain waves). ( see quote below)

(quote: Primordial Sound Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind to be quiet, but about experiencing the quiet that is already there. Even when your mind is filled with agitated thoughts, you still have access to the inner stillness and calm that always lies beneath the choppy surface of thought and emotion. Even as your body is resting deeply in meditation, your mind is awake though quiet. The term “restful awareness” captures the unique combination of physical relaxation and an alert yet quiet mind.)

Because of the fundamental bias of science on materialism, measurement, and quantifiable variables there is little emphasis given to the energetic and qualitative variables which are currently non-measurable  with quantitative methods.

Meditation has not as its main objective the mere elimination of contact with sense organs and outside inputs to the mind which cause noise to achieve stillness and inner peace, but is concerned with the transcendence of the noise by expanding one’s consciousness beyond the noise and including it, and melding with the universe in its totality of ‘light and darkness’, and ignoring the prominence of the noise coming either from environment or mind. One has to transcend the physical, emotional and mental bodies and energies, and ascend or expand into the spiritual state to achieve lasting stillness, stress reduction, physiological, mental, and emotional homeostasis. Fullness is emptiness turned inside out. One achieves silence and stillness by default when one doesn’t try with willpower to achieve it.

Deepak is right that we have to go into the stillness without forcing it, when thoughts or emotions arise, acknowledge them then let them dissolve as you focus on your ‘ajna’ ( the point between your eyes). One cannot ignore the importance of focus and concentration in achieving stillness. Spiritual expansion begins with focus and concentration then evolves into surrender and acceptance.

As one progresses in one’s daily meditation practice the individual gradually becomes aware that they are able to be in a meditative state at all times with eyes open or closed. Then one is able to integrate inner stillness into one’s daily activities and actions, speech, and thoughts.

From my experience beginning meditation the silence was not there in the mind, the calm and inner silence needed to be created. A space needed to be found and the only way was to dissolve of my consciousness all thoughts, not willfully nor by submission, but through transcendence. Buddhists refer to clear and peaceful mind as a sky without clouds; the clouds being thoughts and emotions.

Deepak is right in that we don’t force out the clouds from our sky, but to achieve the cloudless sky one must transcend the clouds, make them melt away from our consciousness and go beyond them to the spiritual sky. That is where resides the permanent mental clarity.

Mind is greater than ‘brain and its associated functioning’ but expands beyond the physical body to include awareness and consciousness which are also beyond the quantitative measuring methods. Yet it is in this state and presence of mind that we experience that state of peace and inner joy which surpasses the physical and enters the realm of the spiritual and subtle energies which manifest as peace and joy and love. The less one identifies with the physical mind and associates one’s identity with spirit and energy the easier it is to integrate one’s person-hood with other individuals with tolerance, acceptance, and non-judgment. The method of meditation which I suggest is not to go beneath or around the noise of thoughts and emotions but to cleanse these entities from one’s ‘mind’ or ‘aura’ and achieve state of ‘thoughtless’ and emotionally detached mind. I define ‘mind’ as being with awareness of itself. That is where resides permanent peace and joy.

 When one descends in the ocean beneath the waves of noise, confusion, and chaos which rages above the depths on the surface of ‘mind’, one reaches the zone of stillness, however the disturbances experienced on the surface are still there once one returns to the surface or in this case our activities of daily living.
The importance of meditation is to carry that stillness which we found in the depths of our being to the chaotic surface of our consciousness to assist us to function with a lower stress response and more peaceful heart rate and a clarity of mind which is able to cope and be peaceful and detached emotionally and mentally.

As well as having some physiological dysfunction there exists a danger called kundalini syndrome when an individual attempts to achieve enlightenment without proper spiritual supervision and over-intensive regimen of meditation without cleansing the congested energy can result in paralysis and numbness neurologically, and the most extreme side-effect of psychosis. Try a salt bath for 10 minutes with three cups of salt once a week, or a salt shower with salt gel rubbed on body then allowed to sit, then rinsed off. It may assist decongesting of aura and chakras particularly throat chakra which affects armpit chakra and arms.

Master Choa Kok Sui has directives re; kundalini syndrome signs and symptoms resulting from inappropriate and over-intense meditations. This can be found in his book:: Origins of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.”

blessings and respect to Master and Satguru Mahaatma Choa Kok Sui. 



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