The upward spiral paradigm

Evolution spiralling upwards- The Unified Pan-paradigm

Collected thoughts by Roger Fontaine 2010-04-02

The spiral is the perfect image for identifying our continuous transformation through time and space – even though we stay physically in one location in space geographically we have the sensation that we’re being carried upward and outward as global and cosmic expansion occurs at an accelerating pace.

Change and transformation are occurring simultaneously as long as we are connected to society and to Media.  As soon as we unplug from the ‘net’ and isolate ourselves culturally, physically, psychically, we slow down the spiral to its slowest speed. But we never stop it from ascending because the rest of society is ascending, and you get carried up along with it despite your beliefs or values.

Despite our denial, efforts and attempts to disconnect from social change we are affected by rapid cosmic change if we interact with only one other ‘soul’ which is connected to the network of media.

Media has become the tool for rapid dissemination of scientific, informational, and spiritual evolution, principally through the ”world wide web”.  Scientists forecast that, based on the current hyperbolic expansion of computer intelligence, that by 2025, Artificial Intelligence will have equal or greater cognitive computing ability and complexity as the most developed human brain.

The dilemma for those evolving soulfully is the question of whether those individuals controlling the mind-machines will be acting in the best interests of all humanity or continue to be self-centered self-serving privately owned consumption oriented junkies?

This is the global challenge for the next decade: will science overtake spirituality as the dominant cosmic transformational engine? Or will spirituality and ‘soul-dominated’ individuals and ‘soul clusters’ spread globally be able to exert enough transformative energies to prevent or alter the path of economic production and consumption?

Is it possible, or likely probable, that beliefs and values, ie:  traditional formerly-held paradigms will shift sufficiently and soon enough to prevent cultural and global humanicide?

As consciousness evolves with increasing speed, and as the spiral of evolving consciousness expands and rises to incorporate greater parts of humanity, is there some point in time that the mass of humanity will surrender old religious, political and economic paradigms which no longer support humanity but threaten its extinction?

How much time have we left to accept and adopt the emerging evolutionary integral consciousness cosmic view where we think, speak, and act with the collective interests of all humanity and surrender our ego-states?

Can we overcome the old paradigm tendency to scurry to the solar plexus chakra centre and respond with fear and mis-trust?  Or will we embrace the energies of the heart chakra center and accept faith and trust as guiding values for cosmic continuation and evolution of consciousness.

Existing social structures, both political and economic are failing. The most recent global economic collapse of 2008-2009 would have had greater grave consequences had not the world’s primary state leaders intervened and infused the global economic markets with trillions of dollars. We would have witnessed the failure of the global banking system. So international governments joined together to sustain and support the existing social structure despite their often divergent political and social orientations.

The political hegemony of the U.S.S.R. over  some 15 different political states collapsed only twenty years ago. The Russian government has since then struggled to maintain control over many of the natural resources beyond its political borders, principally oil. It’s recent incursion into the independent  Georgia is reminiscent of  the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

The ideological hegemony of the Chinese military polit-bureaucracy  is steadily being eroded and the notion of a civil unrest and uprisings, like those currently existing in Thailand,  over citizen demands for more  democracy and fairer economic values is imminent.

The American democratic model is threatened by the increasing polarization of social values surrounding the social  health care assistance to the poorer segments of their society which will certainly lead to acts of revolt against the government, probably by violent means. Unless those who lead politically are able to transform the control of the finance and power centers of the country and convince the masses to the necessary investment in the common health and economic welfare of its poorest members of society, the stability and future of the greatest modern state, as it is currently constituted, is at risk. The future of poorer nations will be more unstable and insecure, unless the masses in the northern and richer nations  are sold on the new social paradigm, which is one of united global union with proportional  political representation by population for all nation states.

I foresee a global levelling of abundance and prosperity, a forgiving of global debts on poor nations, and an end to the system of usury; a moving forward from this point onwards with the eventual elimination of private property.

I’m not referring to a pogrom on the rich and the taking away of individuals’ houses but about a levelling of those corporate entities who have acquired immoral wealth because of their historical relationships to the ownership of capital. The poor have to stop supporting the rich. The days when 95% of the wealth is held in the control of 5% of the population has to be reversed.

I’m unsure as to the nature of the model which would distribute national and corporate capital and assets, however, it is only when assets are owned collectively that each ‘soul’ will be considered equal and the elimination of poverty consciousness and hoarding consciousness will put an end to inter-national  violence, wars, and gangsterism.

The creation of a global political entity doesn’t mean that cultural and historical preferences for artistic expression would be diminished or would disappear.  The new United Nations would lead to the end of the concept of nations. However there would still exist the diversity of cultural expression, languages, and creative expression. Where the future of art is going will be dominated by the computerization of artistic and musical expression with the increased intelligence capability of computer programs.

The danger of ‘Big Brother Reality’ and of the personal domination by a global police state would mean that the mind-complex has overcome the spiritual evolutionary drive which wouldn’t have need for repression and forced conformity.

But this shift can only happen when individuals and group accept this shift in consciousness , from a self-centered ego-driven mental state into a soul-driven other-centered respect and faith in a greater cosmic united destiny for all of humanity; not focused on mass production and conspicuous consumption of non-essential goods for the elites.. Global resources need to be re-directed to achieve this goal of providing necessities of clean water, food, sewers, clothing, family planning, and shelter  for all Humanity.

The obesity crisis in western societies is a precursor to the existing social crisis and the upcoming social change in paradigm.

The rise in the use of prescription pharmaceuticals by those who are threatened by change and  who can’t  cope with change is a precursor of challenges to the old paradigm reaching the apex of its existence and usefulness.

The new millennium buzz-word is that people are suffering from ‘stress-induced illness’. This is a euphemism for describing how individuals who are holding on to the old paradigms are in denial and unwilling to accept  the decline of their power and control over the social capital surplus.

People who idolize the ‘status quo’ will be mentally and emotionally disarmed and powerless when the ‘shift’ of the pan-unified paradigm occurs. Fear, doubt, and greed by those who will not surrender will cause global chaos and anarchy.

Transformation and evolution are inevitable and unavoidable; resistance is delusional.

The outcome depends on the surrender of the ego for the greater good of the ‘whole’ of Humanity.

I can choose to continue being a moth, getting fat, making holes in the social garment until it becomes thread-bare, or I can choose to reconfigure my beliefs and values to embrace the unified paradigm, realize that our personal subjective struggle is a mental delusion.  Once we choose to accept our delusion, release our denial, then we can be transformed into the new highly-aware ‘soul being’ which is non-attached from its mental and emotional thought energies which resist the inevitable impending global shift in consciousness and the new paradigm.

This can be accomplished by becoming aware of our energy body, of our energy centers or chakras, and commence the activity of moving our control from our lower chakras controlled by emotions and negative energies of fear and anger and denial, moving to the higher energy centers of the ajna, or higher mental centre, and opening the heart and crown chakras to embrace the connection with the ‘Higher Soul’, the ‘Christ Consciousness” or Buddha Consciousness” and finally to be free of samsara, suffering, and all material yearnings. The practice of mindfulness is key to achieving freedom from suffering.


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui; all books on pranic healing; Institute of Inner Studies Inc.

Thich Nhat Hanh: all books published by Parallax Press

Once that inner shift in paradigm occurs fear is replaced with trust, anger is replaced with inner peace, and denial is  replaced with acceptance, tolerance, and respect for the ‘atma’ or ‘soul’ in all Humanity.

Resistance will come from those who are traditionalists, fundamentalists, and conservatives who don’t want changes in the ‘status quo’ because they are part of the political, economic, and social elites.

Resistance will come from those who are still using pre-integral world views, either being back in the tribal mythic or rational modern world views. These world views were precursors for the new integral consciousness cosmic world view and yet stand up against it as a tail-dragging brake attempting to slow the evolutionary thrust. Its consequence will be more violence, ego-driven threats and attempts at passing political legislations geared to promote the existing relationships to power and economic control.


About Pranic Roger

I have been developing my healing skills since 1998 and have been on a personal purification journey and free from substance dependency since 1989 following twenty-three years of dependency to nicotine and alcohol. I operate a fee-for-service healing facility and utilize deep-tissue massage techniques and pranic healing techniques to remove blockages to healing and surrender, and expulsion of negative energy thought forms and entities from the body, chakras, and aura. My website is: The secondary website for more information about energy work is :, and That's what goes on when I'm not outside nurturing my garden which occurs from April to November.
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